Tarımar Product



  • Easy Installation
  • Includes an internal water tank, no need for external water tank
  • The floating system allows automatic water refilling when the water level falls
  • Adjustable length and height due to its modular structure
  • The pads can be easily installed and uninstalled due to the special lock system
  • In systems up to 18m, the pump is installed in the head section. In the middle for longer systems.
  • System includes a drain valve for cleaning at the end of cycle.
  • The pumping system has a capacity of 0.37 kW 12 m3/hr in systems up to 36m.
  • PVC raw material is anti-UV loaded
  • Completely rustproof system
  • More durable than alternative metal frame cooling systems as it is completely made of plastic.

Closing Edge 

With special design structure, it combines all system solidly.

Top Cover 

It protects the cooling pads and whole system against all harmful objects. In addition, It helps the water comes from distribution pipes to drip off to the cooling pads. 


serves the water drip off to the cooling pads. This system does not allow the water drip on the cooling pad excessively.

Locking For Upper Cover 

It allows opening whole system from the top and the cooling pad take out easily after the flock. So, the cooling pad can be cleaned completely and their useful life will be longer.

Rustproof Support Leg 

It helps to install the system to the wall or panels of the houses.

Internal Water Tank 

It is bottom reservoir which keeps the water. With this unit, there is no need to buy extra water tank. 1 meter of internal water tank can keeps 30 liters water.

Floating System 

It adds water into the internal water tank automatically when necessary. So it prevents to waste the water unnecessary.

Water Pump with Self Filter 

circulates the water in the system and clean the water with its self filter.

Floating System in the Middle

Special Floating System can be installed in the middle of the system if it is required.

Maximum Height: 200 cm
Pad sheet thickness: 10 and 15 cm
Internal Water Tank Capacity: 30 lt / 1 m
Water Circulation System Pipe Size: Ø 50mm
Water Pump Force: 0,37 kW up to 36m
Pump Capacity 12 m3/h at 8m

PVC Window System 

It reflects the air comes from cooling pads through the house. It reflects the air through the ceiling of the house and helps to meet cold and hot air on the ceiling. So the chickens do not feel the cold air directly. 


It opens and closes PVC inlets by computer automatically.