Tarımar Product



TARIMAR has been the exclusive distributor for Turkey of the American Val Nipple Waterers since 1996.

  • The patented interior body with a 360 degrees movement capability, sitting on the nipple frame on three different points, is indisputably the best quality nipple drinker system in the world with its thick stainless steel pin designed for flocks in hot climates requiring plenty of water.
  • The system's O-Ring connection sleeves and the nipple frames
  • mounted on PVC pipes are completely externally-mounted, and the water section within the PVC pipe is larger compered to its peers.
  • All valve and connection components are of PVC, which means that there no metals have contact with water.
  • It features a lighter and more hygienic carrier group.
  • The 75 cm water hose supplies a larger amount of water to a longer distance.
  • It presents the definite solution against base wetting.
  • Through the bypass valve on the regulator, pressurised water can be introduced to the system without disassembling the regulator following medication and during cleaning.
  • The nipple chick cup is used for weak chicks in the first admission of flocks. It is an automatically operating system with the fixing of a special nipple on the system. It can be easily disassembled when no longer needed.

Val Nipple

A stainless steel nipple that allows the supply of the water in the pipe with its specially designed interior body. Used especially in hot climates where plenty of water is required.

Nipple Saddle

The socket part enabling the robust assembly of the nipple to the PVC pipe. This part is attached to the PVC pipe through the use of ultrasonic welding.

S Connection Part

It ensures the interconnection of the carrier galvanised by and the PVC watering pipe with its monoblock S shape structure.


Ensures water at the same pressure at each point on the watering line. Eliminates pressure differences in the watering line caused by sloping in the poultry house.

By-pass Regulator

In addition to the functions of a normal regulator, it features a bypass system that enables the regulator system to be bypassed during cleaning after a flock. This also enables the pressurised flushing of the pipes.

End Assembly

Mounted at the end of the watering line. Used to discharge the water in the line after flocks.

Electro Shock Device

Transmitting a very small electric shock to the fence on the support pipe, it prevents hens from perching on the system.  

Maximum Line Length
150 meters
Watering PVC Pipe Diameter
26,7 mm
Recommended Number of Birds Per Nipple
10 - 15 Broilers
Nipple Interval20 cm or 25 cm
Nipple Watering Capacity
65 ml / minute
Carrier Galvanised Pipe Diameter
Ø 32 mm (3,2 cm)
Carrier Galvanised Pipe Wall Thickness
1,00 mm
Lifting System Carrier Roller Range
3 meters
Main Rope Thickness
4 mm Stainless Steel

This table was prepared considering standard manufacturing conditions. Technical properties may vary according to our customers' demands and any variations in the structure of the poultry house.

Single Filter ( against dregs )

Placed at the inlet of the main watering line in the poultry house. Purifies the water to be supplied to the poultry house from dregs.

Dual Filter ( against dregs and lime )

Placed at the inlet of the main watering line in the poultry house. Purifies water to be supplied to the poultry house from dregs, and regulates the water quality through its lime filter.


A medication pump that allows the regular administration of required liquid vitamins and medications at the required dosage and equally to all lines in the nipple watering system.

Electronic Water Meter

Allows the metering of the amount of water consumed in the poultry house. Also, when integrated into a computer system, it can provide information including the daily water consumption of a bird. It should be noted that a significant reduction in water consumption in the poultry house may indicate the onset of a serious disease.

Manual Wall-Mounted Winch

This is a spinning winch allowing the system to be lifted manually in poultry houses up to 60 metres.

Ceiling Winch

A ceiling winch allowing the system to be lifted manually in poultry houses up to 80 metres.

Hoist with Chain

A hoist system for lifting the system manually through the use of a chain system, mounted separately for each feeder line.

Motor Powered Lifting Winch

A system capable of automatically lifting minimum 2 lines simultaneously through the use of a motor reductor.