Tarımar Product



  • The Tarımar automatic nesting system was designed to maximise egg quality and production.
  • Allowing easy and fast assembly, it contributes to accelerating the operability of the poultry house.
  • Protects the investor with its low investment cost.
  • Increases the efficiency of the produced eggs by ensuring their cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Built using material of a quality suitable to the properties of the bird.
  • The system enables the eggs to be collected at a single point in the service room. This reduced labour costs for egg collecting.a

Moving Rear Walls

The moving rear walls ensure the hen to leave the nesting box in a clean and safe condition after laying the egg. Shutting down the nesting box during nights, it prevents hens from sleeping there.

Nesting Box Mat

Mats produced of rubber or Astroturf products are available. Easily removed for cleaning. The most important property of the mats is that they have minimum contact with the egg.

Egg Collection Table

Wide and practical to use. Features an emergency stop button. Designed with an eye to the comfort and speed of the egg collector.

Egg Belt

Operates using a single belt system. Produced of hexagonal perforated pp white material. The spring-supported conveyance system ensures the transport of the eggs to the head of the poultry house without hitting each other or being shaken. Optionally, the belt speed can be adjusted.

Plastic Slat

100 x 60 cm or 120 x 60 cm in dimension and resistant to a load of up to 200 kg, it is manufactured of high-quality plastic. There are white, black and grey colour options. Breeder and layer models are available. Allows stepping and equipment operating on it.

Passage Nesting Box

A system allowing the flock to pass from one side of the poultry house to the other. This intermediate unit also assists a homogenous distribution between the hens and the roosters in the poultry house.

Adjustable Support Legs

All TARIMAR nesting system models are placed on adjustable stainless steel legs. The adjustable legs allow the correction of sloping arising from the roughness and unevenness of the ground.

Top Swivel

This part is mounted on the topmost point of the nesting box. Preventing hens from perching on the nesting box, this part ensures that hens laying eggs in the nesting box are not disturbed by hens and roosters walking on the roof.

Belt Cleaning Unit

Mounted at the far end of the system. Ensures the removal of all kinds of dirt collected on the belt during its motion. This, in turn, reduces the number of soiled eggs.